Why Hiring a Limo for Your Honeymoon is a Romantic Idea

Riding in a cool limo can definitely be a memorable experience, especially on a special event, party, or even honeymoon. Whether it’s a bachelorette party, wedding party, graduation party, or prom party, hiring a limo service can certainly make your party end with style and class. For newlywed couples who are planning for a romantic and stylish date, there are a lot of things you can do just in one day. In order to have a memorable, romantic honeymoon, riding in style in a limousine should be on top of your options. We have gathered a few helpful ideas that you can do during your exclusive honeymoon date as a newly married couple.

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Visit Places of Interest

Whether it’s for sightseeing or wine tours, riding in a limousine is a very fun and pleasurable experience to the both of you. There are so many limousine and car services to choose from; however, a BMW or Mercedes Benz can also do the trick. On the other hand, some couples might also prefer a taxi if their budget is a big concern.

In order to make your date or trip an amazing and memorable one, hiring a limo service from a reputable and professional company is the most ideal thing. It is because the chauffeur can understand the location well, and knows tourist spots such as winery locations and other popular places of interest. Should you decide to rent a limousine and drive it on your own; you’ll be forced to rely on GPS or maps. This might also hinder you in spending the maximum time to enjoy each other’s company, bearing in mind that you can’t drink too much alcohol since you are going to drive the limo.

Because of that, having a professional driver from your preferred limousine service company is the best decision for your convenience and safety. You can ask referrals from your family, colleagues or friends if they have had experienced hiring a limo before and if they were satisfied or not. In that way, you can be able to set your expectations before you decide to hire a limo service. The best part of hiring a limo is that you will just need to sit back, relax and have fun since you do not need to stop frequently asking for directions and no certain drinking limitations necessary since you won’t drive the limo. Your only task is to enjoy seeing the monuments or landmarks while riding at the back of the limo, and taking pictures whenever you like. You can even ask the limo’s driver to stop at some certain points where you want to pose outside the limo and take photos and selfies with amazing and popular landmarks – the fun is limitless!

Visit a Local Hotspot

After your party at home, you’ll need to end your day in style together with the love of your life. One of the most fun ideas is to visit a hotspot like bars, nightclubs, concerts or pubs. In order to receive the attention of many (if that is what you like to make your honeymoon even more memorable), showing up to certain places in a limousine is the best trick. Most of the time, those people that arrive in limousines are given a special opportunity and care to enter certain areas.

You’ll be surprised when the nightclub attendees or concert organizers will give you a red carpet honor that will serve as your special welcome treatment. To make your honeymoon or date even more romantic and special, you can pay for VIP spaces, as well as order drinks of your choice. Of course, there’s nothing you should worry about since you have a professional limo driver to take the both of you back home or back to your hotel after having fun outside.

Limousine service is very reliable since the driver usually knows the best spots for couples. If all you want is to visit a cool place where you can have a sumptuous dinner and take several fancy shots, your professional limo driver will be able to drop you there. For those couples that love bars or nightclubs, you can leave the entire job of finding the perfect place to party to your limo driver. Ever limousine driver operates within their specified and designated area, where they are very familiar with every places, parking areas, route, as well as best spots to drop their clients. With all these benefits, hiring a limousine service with a professional driver is the best idea for your honeymoon or post wedding date.


Benefits of Hiring a Limo Service for Your Wedding Day

When many couples plan their big wedding event, a limousine service is usually thought of for the bride’s arrival and the couple’s departure. A limousine service is one way for the couple to arrive and depart with style, getting from place to place without the hassle of driving a vehicle, with little worry about parking space, or wondering about a safe and fast departure from their reception after having a few drinks. On the other hand, if you hire a limo, it can also be a gorgeous amenity for your guests, a splendid time for guests from out of town, as a measure of safety, and/or a luxury shuttle service from one place to another.

Wedding Limo Services

A Shuttle Service from Location to Location

Now that you have booked the perfect reception or wedding location, have you checked if the parking is not conveniently located or limited? If yes, are you going to give up on your most ideal location since the parking area is a challenge, or would you find another way so you can still accommodate your guests? This is actually a good time to consider hiring a limousine service as a great alternative for that parking area challenge. Most of the time, limo companies offer vehicles that can be used in big events such as wedding. Small buses or larger vehicles can be the best shuttle service to transport your visitors to and from your wedding venue. You can let your guests know that you’ll be hiring shuttle services for them from a set parking area. In this way, you can allow your vehicle service company to pick up your guests from their own vehicles then return them when they’re ready to leave or when the event is finished.

A Helping Hand for Guests from Out of Town

There’s nothing more stressful and maddening than trying to navigate through unknown traffic challenges in an unknown community. If you have more guests who stay in the same location, hiring a limo service is a great idea to pick up your guests as well as take them to your wedding venue. This allows your guests from out of town to relax and arrive peacefully at your wedding day ready to have a good time, instead of getting stressed out because they don’t know where they are going as well as how they’re going to get back to the hotel. For your wedding guests that have traveled a distance just to celebrate with your once in a lifetime event, this can also be a perfect way to thank their presence and showing them that you appreciate their travels.

Think Safety

Your wedding day is an amazing time to celebrate and share with family and friends. A lot of couples include beers and cocktails as a big part of their wedding celebration. While it is true that most of your wedding guests will be more cautious and responsible with their alcohol consumption, there are a few guests that will definitely go overboard and take the wedding celebration too far. The bottom line is, how do you make sure that your guests will arrive home safely despite over consumption of alcohol? Aside from driving them to their hotel or home yourself, it is a good idea to hire a limo company to act as drivers for your guests. No one wants to know that a family member or a friend got a ticket or was involved in a car accident after the wedding celebration. A limousine service can be able to get all your guests back to their hotel or home safely, keeping everyone safe while on the road.

As you plan your big event, try to consider hiring a limo service not only for you and your bride or groom to be, but also as a luxurious experience for your family and guests. They will definitely appreciate your kind gesture and it’s a really great way to make sure that all your guests will travel back to their place more safely and comfortably. There are a lot of companies out there that offer exceptional limousine services so do not settle for less. Do your own piece of homework to know which certain limo company can meet your preference, budget and requirement. Hiring a limo service doesn’t only add spice, excitement and some style to your wedding as it can also make your big day highly sophisticated. Let the benefits listed above be your guide in deciding whether you should hire a limo service or not.